Technical Articles

From this page you can navigate to the technical articles I am publishing from time to time (as time permits!). I have a few articles hosted on my website which you can read by using the links on the left panel.

Contributions to External Sites

Below there is a list of sites of the developer community to which I have made a few contributions when I develop something that can make other developer's life easier.

Code Plex

In Code Plex developers can share their code with others by uploading their projects.

ASP.NET Themeable and Localizable Razor View Engine
I was developing a website and wanted the "theme" functionality of the original ASP.NET projects but that is not supported by MVC. In addition to that I needed better localization support which would allow me to have views in several languages. Well, it was one or the other so I improved an existing project and made it in such a way that it was better, easier to use and would provide not only the standard Razor view engine but also support for themes and localization out of the box.
ASP.NET MVC Themeable/Localized view engine
ASP.NET MVC C# Co-authored

NuGet is an one of the best additions to Visual Studio, with it you can easily publish, download and use packages and have all the necessary elements added to your project. I have some public NuGet packages as listed below but I also keep a local NuGet repository for use in my development.

Table jExpand
plug-in to expand table rows (I only packaged it!).
ASP.NET MVC JavaScript jQuery jQuery.UI Repackaged
CSS Social Icons
Nowadays every website seems to have something with social networks and each of them have their icons. With this package you can jump start your site and reuse it!.
CSS Social Icons
ASP.NET MVC CSS3 Sprites Social Networks Repackaged
Web application Flexible Mail Settings
The standard ASP.NET web configuration only allows you to define ONE server and if they require authentication there seems to be no provision to easily encrypt/decrypt the authentication credentials. I wrote this web configuration custom section that allows you to define multiple, prioritized mail servers and also secure the passwords or credentials. Also includes most of the code to make sending emails as simple and configuring and calling a method.
ASP.NET MVC Email SMTP Social Networks I wrote it